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Pop The Cork #3: Cork Gets Local

Pop The Cork #3: Cork Gets Local
Unfortunately I don’t get the opportunity to get out to concerts all that often anymore (work, school, etc.) but I couldn’t be happier that I made the decision to hit up Real Art Tacoma for The Home Team...


Dave's Blog #4


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Corbin's Blog #4 - Projects, Finals, & Pasta

Sunday, March 20th 2016
Corbin L. White, Co-Host, and News Anchor on THE BUZZ

I AM BACK AFTER MANY WEEKS OF NOT BLOGGING! Between school projects, finals, and YouTube I haven’t had openings in my schedule to write. A couple of weeks ago my group and I in the Green River College Journalism course, Radio in the Community began the highly time consuming process of assembling our group

Mike's Blog #1 - Podcasting is no BS

Recently, I was guest on the Mr. BS Show, a podcast out of Colorado. That show is run by my “name brother”, Matt Seibert (no relation). As you’ll hear in the episode, despite spelling our last names the same way, we pronounce them opposite of one another.

It was a really fun experience that I’m anxious to do again when time and schedules line up again...

KGRG Podcasts

Podcasting...I Guess? Episode 3

Mike, Dave, and Corbin (with Very Special Guest Micki) discuss movie trailers and how much of the story should be spoiled!

S#!t Lords & Friends Podcast: Episode 3

Killing Spree, Mike, Corbin, and Dave earn the name of this podcast as they discuss the new all-female Ghostbusters reboot, slash remake, slash who could possibly care movie.

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Ride the Tiger Podcast

Che and Waldo were asked to make a five minute podcast for our Radio Announcing class.
This is the result...
Who will win the Shining Diamond Award for riding the tiger the hardest?


Jaeney Hoene

Jaeney Hoene joins Corhappened at Green River College from 5/23-5/25.k and Dave to talk about the faculty side of the 3 day strike that 

Catherine Ushka

Catherine Ushka, the director of public information of GRC stops by to discuss the school side of the 3 day strike by the faculty.

These Young Fools

Trevbot talks to These Young Fools about their upcoming performance at the KGRG 2016 Spring Pledge Drive Show, their future plans for the group, and how they make their PB&J sandwiches!

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