The radio program at Green River College needs YOUR help! KGRG is a student-run, non-commercial radio station that needs your support to survive. Every donation goes a long way toward keeping your favorite programming on the air. If you like listening to our station and would like to show your support, please donate. In return for your support, we’d like to offer you the gift packages below! We are located at 12401 320th ST SE Auburn, WA 98092 Or E-Mail for more information about how to donate.

$5 KGRG-FM Pop Socket

$5 KGRG-FM Drawstring Bag

$10 KGRG-FM Lanyard w/16GB Flash Drive

$15 KGRG-FM Wet-Fit Listener Tee

$20 KGRG-FM Messenger Bag 

*FREE PATCH with any donation!

$30 The Whole Thing! – Patch, Lanyard, Tee, and Messenger Bag! 

Please leave a comment on the donation form as to what size shirt (S M L XL or XXL or 3X) and whether you would like the standard shirt of the limited-edition 30th Anniversary shirt.

Thank you for supporting KGRG at Green River College!