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Past Contests:

Weezer Selfie Contest:

From 12pm, March 18th 2019 to 12pm, March 22nd, contestants may upload pictures to instagram using the hashtag #winKGRG to enter. Images must include at least one human being and make at least one reference to the band Weezer in the photo, such as wearing clothing with the band’s logo, holding one of their albums, or standing next to a poster. Creativity is encouraged, but explicit or insensitive content is not permitted. Participants will be disqualified under the following circumstances: the post does not contain the hashtag #winKGRG, the post does not clearly depict an application for the artist Weezer, the post depicts illegal activity, the post depicts explicit or insensitive content (as judged by GRC’s code of conduct), or is disrespectful to any persons or things, whether they relate to the contest or not.

Winners will be chosen by the KGRG student staff by voting on the contestants perceived interest in the band Weezer. The decision of a student to vote for or against a submission is subjective, but will not be decided on the basis of the person submitting (such as perceived attractiveness, weight, height, expressed gender, race/ethnicity, expressed sexual orientation) and contestants will not be discriminated against on the basis of follower count or whether or not they choose to follow @kgrgfm.