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Pop The Cork #3: Cork Gets Local

Pop The Cork #3: Cork Gets Local Unfortunately I don’t get the opportunity to get out to concerts all that often anymore (work, school, etc.) but I couldn’t be happier that I made the decision to hit

Dave’s Blog #4

THROUGH THE SANDS – A WRESTLING BLOG HELL As I write this week’s blog, we sit 12 days from Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas. Next week, I’m gonna write my thoughts on not only Wrestlemania, but the show

Dave’s Blog #3

THROUGH THE SANDS: A WRESTLING BLOG CH. 3 IGNORING OR IGNORANCE? This past Saturday, the WWE held a Network only special titled Roadblock. I was going to recap the show and talk about where the path to

Dave’s Blog #2

THROUGH THE SANDS – A WRESTLING BLOG PANIC! AT THE ROADBLOACK We are on the fast track to Wrestlemania once again. After a successful Fast Lane show, theres no stops until Wrestlemania……..Is normally the way it goes.

Pop The Cork #2

Pop The Cork #2: Cork Gets Brootal! In anticipation with of our interview with xSPONGECOREx, I would like to take the time to express how and why I came to enjoy their music. The first episode of

Corbin’s Blog #3 – Hello YouTube

Sunday, February 28th 2016 Corbin L. White, Co-Host, and News Anchor on THE BUZZ Last night I uploaded my first YouTube video ever! This isn’t simply a video featuring cats playing pianos, it’s my narration of “South

Corbin’s Blog #2 – Murdock & Me

Sunday, February 21 2016 Corbin L. White, Co-Host and News Anchor on THE BUZZ Oh my god Marvel’s Daredevil is so fucking EPIC! Matt Murdock delivers parkour-influenced-Kung Fu upon all the baddies. It didn’t realize I was