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Heart’s New Live Album


“One of the most surprising things about Heart ‘s new live album is that, after more than four decades of being a band, it was their first time playing the historic Royal Albert Hall. It was a gig

Paul Stanley’s Top Ten KISS Songs


It’s the 65th birthday of Rock Superstar Paul Stanley and has compiled the top 10 best song contributions form the living legend. “Think about it, this whole ridiculous circus doesn’t fly without a ringleader who truly

Bob Seger’s tribute song to Glenn Frey

tmp0f22c55b-680c-4166-8f38-ad4720f098b9-jpg reports that ‘Glenn Song’ is being given away for free on Seger’s website to honor Frey on the one year anniversary of his death. “It’s obviously not meant to be a hit,” Seger says. “There’s no