Static-X Release The Video For Their Song ‘Dead Souls’

Static-X have released a music video for their song Dead Souls off their “Project Regeneration Volume 1” album.  Dead Souls features guest vocals from Ministry’s Al Jorgensen.

Tony Campos had this to say about the song and video, “This song has become one of my favorite tracks on the record. We had no intention on doing a video for it initially, but it came out so good, we had to do it. I’m so grateful to Al Jourgensen for singing on the track with Wayne. Ministry was a big influence on us, and I know Wayne would’ve been just as stoked as I am to have Al sing on one of our records. I think the video fits the song really well. It’s dark, creepy, with just a touch of humor.” 

Watch the video for Dead Souls at the link: here

STATIC-X Release Official Music Video For Song “Dead Souls”


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