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The Buzz

This is the page for KGRG’s morning show and 2015 “Specialty Show Of The Year”. Join Cork, Adanica, Dave, Aarron, and the interns as we bring you stories, news, trivia, and more. Listen to us live on KGRG FM every Wednesday-Friday from 6-9am PST, or stream us on kgrg.com or iHeartRadio. If you miss the show live, don’t fret!!! You can listen to us on-demand on the official KGRG FM App!!!

Meet the Hosts



Likes: DC Comics, Bad Movies, Concerts, Conversations With Inanimate Objects

Dislikes: Strawberries

Food: Free
Band: Rage Against The Machine

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Likes: Stuff

Dislikes: Things

Food: Yes
Football team: Dallas Cowboys


Featuring Matt & Tim from The NSMBU Show

Everyone has an opinion, but our opinion is a better version of what you should believe. Become one of our NEBULOTICS and be able to go out into the world and say they are wrong. Why? Tim and Matt say so! We are a very passionate and opinionated duo. Back in 2015 we decided to give our isolated opinions about pop culture topics and project our beliefs to the public. Like the T-Virus there is no end. We are the infection you want. Did you watch iron man 3? We noticed…STOP…we’re here to help. So we grabbed our loose coins, put our heads together and created what needed to be

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Pop The Cork #3: Cork Gets Local


Pop The Cork #3: Cork Gets Local Unfortunately I don’t get the opportunity to get out to concerts all that often anymore (work, school, etc.) but I couldn’t be happier that I made the decision to hit


Quickie Buzz

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In this very special episode of The Buzz, Matt and Tim from The Not So Much But Us Show share their reactions to the Lego Movies, Cork tries to stump Adanica with a Realistic Bear Sleeping Bag

2-16-17 Buzz Time, Excellent!

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In this very special episode of The Buzz Cork talks Fun Facts about his favorite movie, Geeky News has a surprising story involving Mel Gibson and Suicide Squad 2, the Six Pack is all about controversial songs

Daddy Buzz Bucks

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In this very special episode of The Buzz Cork gets his nerd rage on during Geeky News, the crew talks how soon is too soon to pass out the “Bro Bucks” during the Word of The Week,