Mike and Micki After Dark

Mike and Micki After Dark: 5-2-16 Hour 1

In the first hour, Questionable Intern Chase is questionably late. During the Weekend Roundup, BAH GAWD it’s time for more fun with sound effects. Micki has made a new investment. Intern Vivian talks about the Pottery sale

Mike and Micki After Dark: 5-2-16 Hour 3

In the last hour, Chase gets in on the Nerd Rock Extravaganza and finds a song that ties together several MMAD threads. Hint: It involves Caleb Hyles covering Steven Universe songs. Mike mentions more about Pledge Drive

Mike and Micki After Dark: 5-2-16 Hour 2

During Today in Geek History, Chase gives us a quick fun fact about Leonardo Da Vinci and a few of Mike’s favorite movies came out on the same day. Mike pulls Chase to the side to have

Mike and Micki After Dark: 4-18-16 Hour 3

Inspired by MULAN, one of the movies Micki watched on the plane ride home, Chase finds a cover from one of his favorite YouTube channels. Later, we play Caleb Hyles’ cover of THIS IS GOSPEL by PANIC!