Mike and Micki After Dark

Mike and Micki After Dark: 2-29-16 Hour 3

Dave and Mike really, really like The People Vs OJ Simpson on FX. Natalie finishes her essay in just enough time to join the rest of us for shout-outs. Mike gives a huge shout-out to The Bonney

Mike and Micki After Dark: 2-29-16 Hour 2

A surprising amount of video games were released on Leap Day during Today in Geek History. We play Buzz-It Trivia with Dave. Natalie starts to talk about a show she saw, but then special guest Trevbot calls

Mike and Micki After Dark: 2-29-16 Hour1

It’s Leap Day! Micki and Amanda are both out sick, but Dave and Natalie come in for MAD Guestapalooza 2! We talk about the Oscars during the Weekend Round up and Spencer clebrates another awesome KGRG accomplishment.

MMAD: 2-22-16 Hour 2

We talk about what happened Today in Geek History, play “Is it Real or is it Fake?” and Amanda plays another song by YEESH