Encourager Interview

Cork and Corbin talk with Christopher from Encourager about his band, growing pains and of course, PB&J’s

Children of Bodom Interview

Children of Bodom [phone interview] Late Night Death’s Killing Spree talks to Children of Bodom front man, Alexi Laiho. Listen to LND every Tuesday from 10-midnight

Joe Chip and the Inertials Interview

Joe Chip and the Inertials [phone interview] Mike and Micki talk to Joe Chip about how he creates his unique sound and his lo-fi garage punk band, Joe Chip and the Inertials.

Marytree Interview

Marytree [phone interview] Mike and Intern Amanda talk to James, Brandon, and David from grungemetal band Marytree about their music, influences, and more!

Dichotomy Interview

The Buzz [in-studio interview] Twitter | FB | IG | Tumblr The guys from Dichotomy stop by for a chat about their beginnings, their style of music and play us a couple songs. 

Death*Star Interview

The Buzz [in-studio interview] Twitter | FB | IG | Tumblr Death*Star Stops by for a chat about their genre, and Who do. Share, Subscribe, Like, and Enjoy! More From Death*Star: Twitter | FB | YouTube | Bandcamp

Rebecca Corry Interview

The Buzz [phone interview] Twitter | FB | IG | Tumblr Comedian Rebecca Corry calls in to talk about comedy, her shows this weekend, and Stand Up For Pits. More From Rebecca Corry: Twitter | FB