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On Air

Warped Wednesday
3-7 pm every Wednesday until August 12th

The ONLY show on live radio giving you all things Warped!
Clebrating the Van's Warped Tour with interviews, Classic Warped, Warped History and more.
Listen every Wednesday for your chance to win tickets to the Seattle Warped Tour stop, Friday, August 12th at White River Amphitheater. One pair given away during EVERY episode!

Hosted by
Natalie (Uncommon Chords), Trevbot (Dead Air), Cork (The Buzz), and J-Cypher (The Block)

Late Night Death
Tuesdays 10PM-12AM

KGRG FM's home for Metal (11 years)


Get a lethal dose of metal from Late Night Death! We play black metal, death metal, thrash metal, power metal, metalcore, grindcore, grove metal, and much more!

Host: Killing Spree
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The Buzz


Helping you start off your morning right with Trivia, Fact or Fiction, and everyone's favorite segment: Night Blogs!

: Cork, Corbin, Thursday, and Dave 

Uncommon Chords
Thursdays 7PM-10PM

indie rock & emo jams. The Post is now known as Uncommon Chords  

Hosts: Natalie, Amanda, Micki, and Luke

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Dead Air
Thursdays 10PM-12AM

KGRG FM's home for hardcore (11 years)

Yo! let's get brutal with NW hardcore, punk, and more

Hosts: Trevbot, , XChrisX & Hannah from the Pit



The Block
Fridays 10PM-12AM

KGRG FM's home for new age Hip Hop.

Locally focused!


Hosts: J-Cypher & Jazzy Redd

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Twitter and Instagram!


Mike and Micki After Dark
Mondays 9pm-12am

"Taking your late-night requests and giving you a little something extra"

: Mike and Micki (duh)

Program Director: Jayson Caolie

"I'm the sh!t. Local music enthusiast. Everyone's favorite bad decision."

Host of The Block Fridays 10pm-Midnight
Live DJ shift Thursdays 3-7pm 


Assistant Program Director: Corey Rapoza


"First things first, I'm the realest
Drop this and let the whole world feel it
And I'm still in the radio business
I can hold you down, like I'm givin' lessons in physics"

Host of the Buzz (Wed.- Fri. 6-9am)
Live DJ shift Wednesday 3-7pm

Traffic Director - Dave Sanders

My name is Dave and I am here. Im the Traffic Director for both KGRG and KGRG1. No, I do not control the tolls on the 405, nor can I control the bad driving on the freeways. I am the one that is in charge of the legal side of the station including the Public File, Underwriting Announcements (Commercials), and loading music for both stations.

Producer and Co-Host of the Buzz (Wed.- Fri. 6-9am)

Sales Director: Luke Seerden

Cool Guy Luke

I enjoy geeking out about music and, well, geekier things

Co-Host of Uncommon Chords Thursdays 7-10 PM
Live DJ shift Saturdays 7-10 PM

Music Director: Amanda Tebo


"Suh dude"

Co-Host on Uncommon Chords Thursdays 7-10pm

Assistant Music Director: Spencer Stalin

Spencer With Frys
I enjoy long naps on the beach, eating frys of many varieties, complex carbohydrates, and juice. I'm kinda new to this radio stuff but it really caught my interest within the first week and for some odd reason, people trust me enough to help pick some of this awesome music by making me the Assistant Music Director here at KGRG.

Live DJ shift Sundays 10pm - 12am
Co-Host on Mike and Micki After Dark Mondays 9pm-12am

Promotions Director: Natalie Holcomb


"I listen to music for a living.
Occasionally I embarrass myself on the air."

Host of Uncommon Chords Thursdays 7-10pm
Live DJ shift Wednesdays 7-10pm (Right Shark)

Webmaster: Mike Seibert

Old Man Uncle Mike After Dark

I originally came to Green River College for the IT program.
But then I found a new passion I didn’t even know I had: RADIO!
Now I help maintain the websites for both KGRG-FM and our sister station, KGRG1

Host of Mike and Micki After Dark Mondays 9pm-12am
Guest Host on The Buzz Fridays 6-9am


"I will cry to Morrissey then mosh on your ass"

Host of Dead Air Thursdays 10pm-12am


"Been around the world and now I'm here.
Follow for photos from all your favorite shows,
and interviews with some of the top bands around!"

Host of All-Request Fridays (7-10pm)
Live DJ shift Mondays 3-7pm

The Micki Special
Being a DJ on KGRG-FM is a dream come true! I love cartoons, whales, fashion, and being excited! I'm always in a chipper mood and love talking to folks, so it's a treat to sit down and hang with someone. Music and art are big parts of my life, appreciating tunes and doodling is what I'm doing whenever I'm not on the radio, hanging around KGRG, or thinking about critters. All of my social media, including twitter, tumblr, snapchat, and instagram, are themickispecial so don't be shy!
Let's be bros, dawg!! ♡✧( ु•⌄• )

Producer and Co-Host of Mike and Micki After Dark Mondays 9pm-12am
Co-Host on Uncommon Chords Thursdays 7-10pm
Live DJ shift Tuesdays 7-10pm 

sleepy vinyl enthusiast who listens to sad bastard music and watches forensic files with her cats ***

Co-Host on Uncommon Chords Thursdays 7-10pm
Live DJ shift Saturdays 9am-12pm 

A friendly ghost whom haunts the studio at ungodly hours. 

Live DJ shift Fridays 12-3 am

Triforce of Doom

Hey guys, Triforce of Doom here. I am a gamer/anime nut/whovian/brony/metalhead (I know I have a lot of hobbies. Shut up.) I also make Youtube videos & a fanfic

Live DJ shift Saturadys 12 - 3 PM


I don't know what to say about myself just make up something.

Live DJ shift Sundays 12 - 3 PM