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Genre: #Hardcore, #PostHardcore, #MelodicHardcore | Record Label: Redbull Records

Founded: 2012
  • Hometown: Columbus, OH
  • Affiliated with: Attack! Attack! and City Lights
  • Active Members: Caleb Shomo, Taylor Lumely, Brandon Mullins, Kamron Bradbury, Oshie Bichar
  • First Release: Sick Jan. 2013

Songs on KGRGFM:

  • "I Have a Problem"
  • "Pick Your Poison"


While the band may have started off as a joke, the topics like overcoming addiction covered in the lyrics are no laughing matter.

The  songs are relateable, raw and aggressive.  




ALBUM DEBUT: "Disgusting" June 10th 2014
Read more and stream in full at Alternative Press 

Tweet the band #todaysrock @KGRGFM


Music Video

"Beaten in Lips"

"In Between" Debut Album: Disgusting (June 10) 

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