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Pop the Cork: Cork Pumps the Brakes

For those who don’t know (because I don’t talk about my day to day life too often The Buzz), Ol’ Cork has his plate pretty full: Assistant Program Director of KGRG, two part time jobs, and The

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star boy
The Weeknd is a Star Boy

By Elijah Harris As I sit here writing this out for you, I try to be as subjective as possible. I try not to bring in the feelings I have as the Weeknd being one of the

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MetalliGaga Summore?

Lars Ulrich of Metallica legacy that their Grammy Collaboration with Gaga was was so good that it has to be more than just a ‘One-Off’, more than imply that the two musical forces should work together again. 

Kurt Cobain’s 50th Birthday Top 10 Nirvana  celebrates Kurt Cobain’s 50th birthday by compiling the 10 Best Nirvana songs ever. From ‘Rape Me’ to ‘Heart Shaped Box’  there’s a plethora of classics to reminisce with from Nirvana’s 5 years.  UltimateClassicRock Via Today

Evanescence Early Demo Track ‘Even in Death’

Evanescence had initially planned to release their vinyl box set, The Ultimate Collection, back in December, but it got pushed to a release today (Feb. 17). But with the new release date, Evanescence are helping to promote

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Trump Mentions Issues in Sweden…But What Are They?

Addressing a rally on Saturday, President Trump had said, “look at what’s happening last night in Sweden”, as he listed areas hit by terrorist attacks. Problem is, there were no attacks in Sweden. Trump remark baffles Swedes