About Us

Our Story:

The All New KGRG FM is a college radio station that plays “Today’s Rock”. Inspired by Washington youth for our music, we make it our goal to guide the music scene into an area that is loud, kickass, flippant, in your face and true to the Northwest.

Our “Today’s Rock” format developed in the winter of 1988/1989. It started when students began playing local unheard of music which exploded into the now famous bands like Green River, Mudhoney, Mother Love Bone…and a small band from Aberdeen known as Nirvana.
Maintaining the ideals of today’s rock, we continue to play new music from many genres that speak to our community.

Keeping the tradition alive spawns specialty shows that focus on specific genres like Hardcore, Metal, and Ska.

It’s been almost thirty years, and we continue to broadcast strong, sharing new music with each other and the world. We like doing it. It’s what drives each of us.
If you would like to be a part of the KGRG FM team please enroll at GRCC and take Journalism 110: Radio Lab

You could make the difference. We’ll stay right here.

Contact Us

Studio/Request Line: 253-833-5004


Phone: (253)-833-9111 Ext 2190

Faculty Advisor:

Tom Evans Krause – General Manager of Operations

Email: tkrause@greenriver.edu

Jon Kasprick – Director of Engineering

Email: jkasprick@greenriver.edu

Student Staff


Andrea Soto- Program Director

Email: programming@kgrg.com

Natalie Holcomb – Assistant Program Director

Email: apd@kgrg.com


Luke Seerden – Music Director

Email: music@kgrg.com


Trevor Foyston – Promotions Director

Email: promotions@kgrg.com

Production & Imaging

Christopher Leir – Production Director

Email: production@kgrg.com


Jason Cox – Sales Director

Email: sales@kgrg.com


Michael Myers- Traffic Director

Email: trafficdirector@kgrg.com


Elijah Harris – Webmaster

Email: webmaster@kgrg.com

17017529Kampy’s Last Projects

Going through the production folder, we pulled our mentor’s most recent projects that said more than their original intent. This may make the final cut for our memorial piece, “Remembering Kampy” which acts as a continuation of memories spoken during the open mic portion of the reception at Emerald Downs. Bob Rivers said, if we all were to remember Kampy we’d be here til Easter of 2016. We may yet.

Click here for the Memorial Video