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On Air

Big Sexy Morning Show

Mondays & Tuesdays 6-9AM

A morning talk show

The Big Sexy Morning Show is offensive, ill-informed
and pretty much all around awesome

with: Keef, Doodles, Buttercup, (Gator), and intern: BenJammin


Sports and Explosions

Mondays 7-10PM

KGRG FM's sports talk show

Solid people talking about sports for long periods of time.
with: Curtis, Cole, Katie



Late Night Death

Tuesdays 10PM-12AM

KGRG FM's home for Metal (9+ years)

Playing a savage beating of metallic mayhem this includes: black, death, thrash, power, metalcore and anything else with metal.
with: Killing Spree


The Post

Thursdays 7PM-10PM

 A beacon of Sound based in Post-rock, we play music we find soothing.  

with: JP, Shutter, Graves, Goldy, Aurora Zayduck, Sunshine 



Dead Air

Thursdays 10PM-12AM

KGRG FM's home for hardcore (9+ years)

Yo let's get brutal with NW hardcore, punk, and more
with: K10, Trevor, XChrisX 



All Request Friday

Fridays 3PM-12AM

It's all about you.
Call in with your request 253-833-5004
or text it at 253-293-5069
Keef kicks it off at 3pm
followed by Tyler at 7pm
and Nathan at 10pm


Skawesome Sundays

Sundays 7-10PM

The only ska show in western Washington

Playing rude tunes and horny music to skank the night away

with: Mystical Skaman, Feely Dan, Stony Tony and unnamed intern


On Demand Archive

Do the time warp