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New Music Adds June 15

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Citizen, TSSF, Counterparts, Silverstein, Neck Deep, Turnover and more!

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Living Room Session with Dylan Yuste

This track is Untitled but features Emmabeth on vocals as we invited ticket winners to see what it's like in studio. Not a stranger to Green River, Yuste used to go to school at Green River College.

"The Love We Lost" by Jason Call

Formerly of Daphne Loves Derby fame, here's Jason Call with a stripped down version of hist first song he did live and unplugged in studio on his new EP Mariner.

"Exploding Lights" by Jason Call

In studio and unplugged Jason Call and Stu Clay from Daphne Loves Derby play a stripped down live version of "Exploding Lights" off of Call's latest EP "Mariner"

Trauma Del Rey-The Climb

This one is legally not a Miley Cyrus Cover. Live as it aired on The Post Ep 51.

Trauma Del Rey-Alternative Lives Alternative Minds

Performing live and in studio it's local band Trauma Del Rey on Episode 51 of The Post

Trauma Del Rey-Sidelines Unsatisfied

Debuting their new and unheard of music on KGRG's The Post it's local potato-core band Trauma Del Rey live.

Further North "Vespers"

Unplugged and almost live it's an acoustic session with local band, Further North.

Great Grandpa-Cheeto Lust

Unplugged and almost live on The Post (Th. 7-10PM), Seattle band performing their song off of their latest album "Can Opener" out on Broken World Media.

Cloud Gavin "Dark Grey"

A live Post Session with Zach Hudson from Cloud Gavin. Dark Grey is off of Cloud Gavin's new album Vermata Supreme

Cloud Gavin "Mountain"

A Post Live Session, it' Zach from Cloud Gavin with "Mountain" off of their album Recycle and Create. Exclusively on the Post. Not a part of their live set. Ever. "We never play these songs"

Cloud Gavin "Royalty"

Off of their album "Posture" Zach from Cloud Gavin performs a Live Post Session.

POST LIVE SESSION Moments "This is Not A Game"

Seattle band Moments playing the first track off of their new EP "The Scenic Route" in studio on The Post Thursday 7-10PM. Their next show is January 31st at Louie G's Pizza in Fife.

POST LIVE SESSION Moments "Breathe It In"

Seattle band, Moments performing "Breathe It In" off of their debut EP "The Scenic Route" live on The Post, Thursday 7-10PM. Hang out with The Post and see Moments perform January 31 at Louie G's Pizza in Fife with Lo There Do I See My Brother, To the Wind, The Bomb Shelter and Pig Snout

Post Live Sessions: Harvest States "Reminisce"

To help promote the New Music Showcase, Yelm Pop-Punk five piece Harvest States stopped in to play their song "Reminisce".

Post Live Sessions: Harvest States "Odyssey"

Headlining the New Music Showcase 11/14/14 five piece pop-punk band Harvest States stopped in to play acoustic tracks during The Post.

Safe and Sound

Live in-studio performance and part of their tour with Alone, it's Safe and Sound

Alone "Loner"

Part of the Alone set with Safe and Sound on, it's a live studio performance on Dead Air, two hours of hardcore radio.
Bruno McNasty
It's Nasty Time!
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