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KGRG Glossary of Terms

Sometimes we get caught up in radio-speak being immersed in the classes and culture of the station.

Here are a few phrases you should know.


Regular Rotation/programming:
Songs that play daily. 

Short audio played to exit out of a segment/song. Usually this is funny and unexpected but helps simultaneously catch attention and ease transitions. 

A broadened location reference point including large parts of South King county and much of Pierce County. Includes Auburn, Tacoma, Puyallup, Fife, Federal Way and surrounding areas rather than the Seattle neighborhoods of Ranier Beach, Ranier Valley, Mt. Baker, and Beacon Hill. 

GRCC/Green River:
Green River Community College, Auburn Campus home of the gators and KGRG FM. 

Lab class/110:
Journalism 110 Radio Laboratory class. Introductory course and hands on activity class that provides an overview of topics, departments and basic board operating skills. Enroll year round at

Board Op:

Skills and knowledge test focusing on correct usage of station equipment and rules. 

The Board:

Buttons to be pushed so sounds play over the air.

Control Room:

Studio that can coordinate between two other sound booths: the newsroom (where newsreaders inform the public) and the production room (where all pre-recorded packages are made)


It means 'cool'

Short for vibration, but usually for a general feeling or sentiment.


That feeling you get after working out. Strength and accomplishment. 


Our own gear with the KGRG FM logo.

Mountain Deezy:
A favorite carbonated beverage.

Baja (hard j):

Pronouncing a favorite limited release/flavor of above mentioned carbonated beverage


Ska-dance with lots of kicks and arm waving. 

Genre of music featuring horns, reggae and punk influences. Key elements include rudeboys, checker patterns, upstrokes, the phrase "pick it up, pick it up, pick it up"

Audio Production piece or class teaching how to make audio production piece. 


Promotional deal or prod focusing on upcoming events or giveaways. 

Audio output/input ratio. 

Hot [on the mic]:
Too loud. 

Bastardization of multiple genres that usually comes from an unnuanced outsider. Usually makes staffers cringe in annoyance. It's a vague term. Allow us to educate you on how genres differentiate.  

Usually in reference to modern bands that have progressed out of the hardcore punk and into melodies beyond the "hard and fast" sensibilities of average hardcore songs. There are screams mixed with melodic vocals. 

A mix of metal breakdowns and hardcore. Lyrics tend to be personal or political. 

Expressive and confessional lyrics

Defend it. Pizza, suburbs and friends. Simple, fun, fast about things that are light-hearted.

Program Director, student manager of operations, final decision fall to him in regards to staffing and content. ALL CONTENT. ALL STAFFING. Keep your conversations on point and focused because their attention may be needed elsewhere and/or several different places at once.

Assistant Program Director. They assist and are usually underappreciated. Approach cautiously and graciously.

Music Director. Frequency of plays, and song submissions run through them first. 

Pledge Drive

Raising money for this non-profit radio station. Help us please and thank you. 

If you have other terms you're not sure about
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