The Weeknd is a Star Boy

By Elijah Harris

As I sit here writing this out for you, I try to be as subjective as possible. I try not to bring in the feelings I have as the Weeknd being one of the greatest singers this generation has seen. With that being said, Star Boy is an album that takes you on a journey through beauty, grace, distress, and mistrust. Truly showing how well an artist can express their feelings without giving up the integrity other artists have been so quick to do. The album features many tracks that truly grip your soul such as “True Colors”, “Ordinary Life”, and “Nothing Without You”. While The Weeknd doesn’t tend to have songs that you’d “bump in the club” so to say, tracks such as “Party Monster”, “Six Feet Under”, and “All I know”, makes you feel like you want to dance around your house screaming the lyrics as loud as possible. Co-produced with artists such as Daft Punk and features with rappers Future and Kendrick Lamar, the album ranges from feelings of Michael Jackson-esque nostalgia to soulful R & B that is sure to satisfy the listener. If you haven’t yet, grab yourself a copy and maybe even one for a friend as well!